TOS 1000 Series

The TOS 1000 Series is a reel system driven by under-rollers and fully adjustable for various reel diameters and widths. The maximum reel weight (incl. wire rope) is 20 tonnes. Four hardened rollers are fixed to the frame, two of which are hydraulically driven. The reels are kept in position by flanges on the outer edges of the rollers. The frame features various lifting points and fork pockets and can be disassembled into 6 parts for transportation in a 20ft container. The Powerpack is placed separately next to the system

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At our facility in Kemaman Supply Base and Labuan it is not only possible to produce hoisting equipment, we also carry out maintenance. Over the years we have perfected techniques which ensure that all types of steel wire ropes are suitably protected against corrosion. First the steel wire ropes are freed of dirt and grime, then they are re-lubricated and identified according to the customers specifications. All of this is done through our unique and purposely built systems and equipment, which handle your materials with the necessary care. Further, our systems were developed and built with consideration to environmental issues such as pollution.


Maximum reel weight

350000 kg

Power HPU

74 kW

Rollerspeed Max.

25 m/min

Pulling force per driven roller

3500 kg


2 x 65 ltr/min

Starting pressure (Delta P)

200 bar

Working pressure (Delta P)

180 bar

Own weight (incl. HPU)

Ca. 24000 kg