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Reconditioning of steel wire ropes

At our facility in Kemaman Supply Base and Labuan it is not only possible to produce hoisting equipment, we also carry out maintenance. Over the years we have perfected techniques which ensure that all types of steel wire ropes are suitably protected against corrosion. First the steel wire ropes are freed of dirt and grime, then they are re-lubricated and identified according to the customers specifications. All of this is done through our unique and purposely built systems and equipment, which handle your materials with the necessary care. Further, our systems were developed and built with consideration to environmental issues such as pollution.


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We provide skilled operational support, so you get optimal performance from your ropes.

Technologist Oil Services owns a selection of specialized tools and machines, some machines can be deployed to be used at different locations. A prime example of such a transportable machine is our heavy-duty spooling installation. In principle the machine is a reel which can (un)wind cables. The machine can be used for the installation and/or decommissioning of steel wire ropes. It can also be used to wind up steel wire rope on to spools for transport for example. The advantage of this machine is that it allows the user to install or remove reels without the use of a crane and it has the ability to create back tension in the steel wire rope. The installation is always accompanied by one of our experienced employees to operate the machine on site.